Aug 4

Live streaming.


Does innov k2 show live streaming?

Aug 6

Well....we would need a little bit more information to help :-)

What did you try? What happended when you try it? Did you get an error message or something else?


@Frostie I tried to access it through the browser but it didn't work. In regards to using the app to get live stream of both camera, how do I do that?

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Hola, se puede ver directamente lo que se esta grabando en la pantalla del móvil, lo probé un vez, lo unico que se ve la imagen como a camara lenta.

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Below is from google translate, not sure if that is correct to your question,


There is WiFi delay, but the video should not be in slow motion.

What phone and model are you using?


The WiFi set into DVR is under seat, and metal around DVR impacts WiFi signal transmit. You can open seat and do other try.

Hello, you can see directly what is being recorded on the mobile screen, I tried it once, the only thing that looks like the image in slow motion.

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@Rock Liu My phone is a Samsung S5, I've only tried to see what it records directly once



Google translator)

En la aplicación esta la opción de ver los archivos grabados y si le das a la imagen de la cámara veras todo lo que graba.

The below should be correct.

In the application there is the option to see the recorded files and if you give the camera image you will see everything it records.
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