Jul 14

Laptop will not read files on the SD card


K2 system with a 256g SanDisk Extreme U3 A2 card in it and have upgraded the firmware to the V57 version. The device seems to be recording properly to the SD card because when I use the app the files show up and can be downloaded and played. However, when I insert the SD card into my laptop (via SanDisk adapter) I get a dialog box that says I need to format the card before I can use it ... if I cancel that dialog I will then get a dialog box that says that the card is inaccessible and does not contain a recognizable file system ... The app wifi is too slow to download hours of video so how do I access these files and download?

Jul 14

What operating system are you using?

Jul 14Edited: Jul 14

Windows 10 on the laptop. I also get the same set of error messages when I connect to the dvr with the usb cord ...

Jul 15

Have you formatted SD via App card before recording?


Do you have other SD card to try? just like 32GB.

Jul 15Edited: Jul 15

I did format the card via app yes.


I have tried 3 different card readers, all give the same message.


I should also note that my computer reads other random SD cards I own just fine via any of the adapters I have so it's not my laptop or the adapters.


The Sandisk card was working fine when first inserted, seems only after getting 10+ hours of vid on it that it seems to have started to malfunction.


Of note ... when I bought the K2 I also bought a new Samsung 256g U3 A2 card (this is a different card than the one I am using now) that initially worked just fine, then after a couple of rides I could not retrieve the video via computer or the app ... I assumed a faulty card and returned it to Amazon ... I then bought this new second Sandisk 256g card ... now that I have a few rides on it again can not retrieve video, the only difference between this Sandisk card and the old Samsung card is at least that app will read the Sandisk card, where with the Samsung card the app would not read it at all.


I am starting to think that the K2 is somehow corrupting cards when they start to get a load of files on them ... yes I will try another third card, this time a 128g card.


Somehow these cards are either getting corrupted in the K2 or I have had the unlikely unfortunate luck to get two faulty cards ... however, as stated both cards were working just fine when I inserted them, both readable on my computer and the app, then once they get a significant amount of files on them they stop being readable ... so I have to believe something is happening to them in the K2 ...

Jul 15 that I have a few rides on it again can not retrieve video

That's interesting. How much GB (or Videos) are on the card now? I filled my 128GB Card some month ago and had no problem reading it. But that was before V52 and the new EXFAT format. The max amount of data I recorded with the K2 on EXFAT is something around 60GB.


So the K2 still can read the videos and transfer them by wifi, but the card is inaccessible on your laptop, if there are some hours of video on it. Correct?


That could mean, that the K2 does not follow the EXFAT specifications in all cases. I will do some tests with my 128GB card to see if I can reproduce it.

Jul 16

On the 256g card I would estimate probably 10-15 hours of video ... so at least half full but not completely I wouldn't think ...

Jul 16

Bit of an update ... I tried a SanDisk 128 gig card ... went on a 6 hour ride yesterday ... seems my laptop recognizes the files and will read that card just fine. I have successfully downloaded the files to my laptop and they play fine. So, maybe the K2 is just not working with 256gig cards, perhaps there is a firmware update planned that will address the issue? For the time being, I will just use the smaller card (128g) however, that does't address the fact that I have several hours of video on the 256g card that I want (two great trips) ... I am attempting to use data recovery software to see if I can recover these ... if not I guess I'm just out of luck. BTW, the 6 hrs of video used about 50% of the card capacity.

Jul 16Edited: Jul 17

That's the same I got here. Put my 128GB card in my spare K2 ten hours ago and have no problem in reading the SD Card (and the 10 hour videos of recording my desk).

Before firing up some data recovery software at the card, you can try to install a Linux in a virtual Machine (e.g Oracle Virtual Box) and check if it can read the card. Often enough I found that Windows is bitchy when it is about memory cards.

Jul 17

Typo I think "to problem" ... was that "no problem" or "a problem"?


Never done the Oracle Virtual Box trick, will have to research, thanks!

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  • Loving this product so far. Question is: I'm a dual-sport rider and often take my GS Adventure offroad. How does the K2 hold up in rocky, rough riding environments? Heading back to Baja next month, and I would love to have it fully functional but I'm considering leaving the DVR back at the hotel. Advice?
  • I just completed a 14,000 Mile trip through the US, Europe, and a good deal of Asia. The entire trip, the Innov K2 was running, and capturing video. During this timeframe, my Sena Momentum INC Pro helmet's camera failed, so I was left with just the Innov K2 to capture my trip. In my case, I ride a 2015 BMW GSA, and the control unit for the K2 is installed under the seat, attached to a power distributor. The unit was installed at the BMW dealer in Charlotte, by a Tech that I really trust, and who did an excellent job. First of all, this thing (the K2) was bulletproof. It started and stopped, just as expected, each time I started the bike, and it never missed. The video quality when riding more slowly, was exceptional, but the quality when riding faster is slightly less than perfect, but still very good, and certainly acceptable. I used a 256 GB SD card, class 10, and I never completely filled the card, although we rode some days, as many as 16 hours, and 400 miles. Pls keep in mind that riding in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and China will be on severely compromised roads, so our average speed was lower, and a 400 mile day is a very long day. While I love this camera, there are a few areas that need to be addressed. 1) I needed to have a set of tweezers with me at all times, in order to remove the SD card so that I could download the video. 2) The spring mechanism that holds in the SD card is strong enough that, on one occaision, it shot the SD card across the chamber that is under the seat, and the SD card ended up lost, somewhere in the body work of the bike. 3) The rubber cover that covers the SD Slot is too fragile, and it broke. This rubber piece has a tab on one end, and from opening up the cover, and closing it twice each day, the rubber piece broke, and made it much more difficult to get at the SD card. I'm going to need a new rubber piece sent to me. 4) Because the connector ends on the camera are as large as they are, the installation onto the bike was more complex, and more costly than I could have imagined. It was simply not possible to "slide the cable head through the cable channel on the bike", so the tank had to be removed, along with all the body work, in order to run the wires properly, in the wire harness channel. 5) I was unable to get the unit to accept the latest F/W upgrade, so I'll need to figure that out, once the bike arrives back in the US. 6) After installing the new app on my IOS device, I needed to delete the app, and reinstall from scratch, in order to have it connect to the WiFi network broadcast by the K2. These issues are relatively minor, but a bit annoying. So, they need to be fixed, but we cannot overlook the conclusion that this camera system is fantastic. Numerous times during the trip, someone would say to me that they thought that I did something, or wanted to know if I recorded an event that happened, and because the camera automatically starts recording, my answer was always yes, and I used the video to show what happened numerous times. I also used the video on my Blog, on a number of occasions. So, if you're interested in seeing the quality, you can visit and look through the videos. You'll quickly find those that were recorded using the K2. And finally, because the front and rear cameras record to files, which are started and stopped within a 1/0 of a second of each other, I was able to easily build files which had picture in a picture, using Adobe Elements Premiere 2018. You really should look at some of these videos. The F+R views are compelling. This system is awesome, and I can't wait to use it again, for my next trip. How do I go about getting a replacement cover, for the recording unit? Sample videos of PIP
  • Would it be possible to have the DVR clock use Zulu time/GMT? I'm a 24-hour-time type of person. I would rather the system time and filename timestamps were in 24-hour format, vs. remembering whether DST applies or not. This would also eliminate timestamps that are an hour off, because DST changed but I haven't connected the DVR to the K2 app lately.
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