Aug 2

K2 WiFi connection


Hi all and sorry if this post is a repeat (I posted earlier, but hasn't shown up anywhere).


I bought a K2 and recently installed it. I put in a 256gb Samsung Evo class 10 SD Card as per the website recommendation. Place 2 fuses inline and all started fine.


Now, my problem is that I cannot find the SSID INNOVV K2 on my Samsung Note 9. I have put it on airplane mode and switched on WiFi, still no SSID. I have turned off location services, but still no SSID. I have then adjusted on/off with airplane mode, location services, Bluetooth all to no avail.


From what I can see, all seem to be working, just cannot find the SSID.


I will swap cameras over just in case the front one is defective.


Apart from that, any other ideas?


Thanks in advance



Aug 3



So, just swapped the cameras over (front to back and vice versa) and managed to get the WIFI SSID to pop up on my phone, however, could only see the rear camera image (which was plugged into the front camera port). Changed a few settings (display front and rear cameras) and then the WIFI dropped.


Been trying for the last half an hour to get the WIFI SSID to be picked up.


So, I think the front camera is faulty, thus the WIFI wouldn't broadcast.


When I changed the setting to display both front and rear cameras, do you reckon the "fault" caused the WIFI SSID to fail to display? Do you think I need to do a factory resest and try again, but only using the rear camera?


Thanks for any advise.

Aug 5

From what you describe it sounds like your front cam has no connection or is faulty.

I would first check the connector of the front cam if there is something wrong with it (e.g. dirt in it). If everything seems ok, I would contact your dealer for a replacement.


One thing you should take into consideration is ,that if you start the K2 with only the front cam connected, it automatically changes the settings to "front cam only". Even if you connect the rear cam after that, it keeps this settings till you change the resolution. Within the App, you will see a "<nil>" instead of 1080P in the Resolution settings.


 Do you think I need to do a factory resest and try again 

To my experience, the system reset does not reset all settings to default. The best way to really revert all settings is to install a firmware. I guess you K2 has the V39 installed, so it would be a good idea to install the latest V57, as it resolves some issues regarding the rear cam.


But please read this thread before doing this to avoid problems in later updates.



Aug 5


I know this way. But it will not work using V52 or above AND a SD Card bigger than 32GB, because the K2 will format the Card as ExFat. Even using the web command.

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Sorry, can't help anywhere except that saying that if there is no front camera the boot sequence fails without initialising wifi (and broadcasting SSID), as per Frosties (?) findings.


 my problem is that I cannot find the SSID INNOVV K2 on my Samsung Note 9. I have put it on airplane mode and switched on WiFi, still no SSID 


1. Per @Frostie 's suggestion, Only plug the rear camera to the front port on DVR.

2. Remove SD card from DVR.

3. Turn on camera system, and can you see WiFi icon is flashing?






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