Apr 14

K2 Audio?


Hi, I've been using my K2 for a few weeks now and so far it's been good apart from the poor quality audio.

I see that a redesigned case has been developed and wish to know if this will this be available as an upgrade or obtainable part?


TIA, Greg

Apr 16

We have been working on the upgrade, let's see the changes will be. If works great, can send you the base for replacement yourself.


DVR under seat has limition on audio recording.

Apr 17

Hi Rock, that is good news. Just let me know when you can send one out and I'll fit it and report back.

I realise that the audio will be a bit muted with the DVR under the pillion seat but it must be a vast improvement on what it is at the moment.


Cheers, Greg

Apr 26

I emailed them on 15/4/2019 and had a reply from Dolly. I sent proof of purchase and it has all gone quiet. :(

Can you poke them with a pointy stick? lol

May 2

Cheers Rock. The ball is rolling again. :)

May 4

New lower casing arrived (thanks Steve) and have just fitted the board into it. Will be testing it tomorrow.

Not that it's a problem for me, with the DVR under the seat, but there is no membrane just a hole the size of the reset one, in line with the mic.

I received the updated case as well, confirm no membrane just a small

hole as seen on the left side in the below pic. Also noticed the rubber flap cover over the ports has been redesigned as a solid piece that screws in. This will be very difficult to remove with the DVR installed in my application, so will likely just leave it off since weatherproofing shouldn't be an issue under the seat (though it does get dirty!).



May 5

Well... not a great improvement using the new case. Compared to the pictures I saw, I thought the hole in the case sent to me looked a bit small and as I wasn't sent the blanking plate for the SD card/USB port, that was open too.

Have a listen yourselves...


Next step is to open the hole up a little more and if that fails the external mic will be next.

If you open the DVR, you can see there is very limited space to add external Mic. We understood there is very limited space for DVR to place under seat, so made the DVR to be as thin as possible.


More than that, we also need to consider the DVR to be waterproof, it could not be just add a external Mic on the case.


The new case with a small mic hole is the balance for wateproof and audio picking up. and Mic hole was covered by a waterproof film.

May 6

There is very little room in the DVR case so if the larger hole is unsuccessful then I will desolder the mic and fit a flying lead with 3.5 socket and plug to that.

There was definitely not waterproofing film over the hole so I used a piece of 3M Blenderm tape over it.

This has worked well in the past.

May 6Edited: May 6

I think the hole makes a decent improvement over the sealed unit, what I hear in your vid is the drive train noise which my bike also makes at a much higher pitch that I hope to filter out. I am not familiar with the Blenderm tape or its masking effect, but was considering a way to seal the hole from at least dirt. BTW, the case hole is no smaller than the mic hole in a cell phone.

One thing the audio could really benefit from is a higher sample and bit rate-

95kbps at 32kHz is pretty week by any audio standards... Frostie? lol

ps- Since you posted it, I'll comment that there was zero excuse for your riding buddy to cross over the oncoming turn lane during his left turn!

May 6

Thanks for having a listen, have you fitted your case yet and tested?

Maybe that wasn't the best audio example.Try this one

I don't think it's drive train noise as the speeds are way to low in the second clip. The audio fades in and out and sounds like it's being recorded through a long pipe or some kind of noise cancelling is happening. I'll make a 4mm hole in the old case and refit the board then test again.

The guy in front on the Pan European Rat is like a Scud missile. lol

Yes, I did the retrofit and tested on my way to work this morning. Here is an un-edited video clip (boring, but no way to do at work):

My ST1300 engine and shaft have a "Jetson's sound", but the artifacts in your audio is definitely low sound quality issues.

May 6

Your audio does sound a lot cleaner than mine and would probably improve even more with higher sample & bit rates. It also doesn't appear to suffer from the drop outs like mine.

I have just ordered the parts ready for the external mic as I'm not confident that the audio quality will improve enough for my needs by opening holes.

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May 12

Well here's the latest saga... opened the case again with a view to removing the on board electret mic.



Flipped the board over and found this,

It looks like it's already had a bit of work done and a bit of heat/flux staining.


I dabbed it with a bit of solder wick and it lifted the blooming track. :(



Not the end of the world, just had to solder to the cap on the track.




All fitted back together and ready for a test.






This was the first test with mic mounted at rear of pillion seat with a muff on. Still keeps fading in and out and only marginally better than the inbuilt one. There seems to be a problem with the audio processing but I need the help of someone who knows more. Anyone out there who can help?

Nice job on the PCB recovery! And a big Kudos on the experimentation!

It's definitely a bit rate issue on the audio track. Perhaps our resident software expert (Frostie) can give it a little more "umph"?

May 13

The sounds quality improvement requires to test with the Mic and make adjustment/Adding some component on PCBA.


We are going to follow this way to see what can make.

Jul 23

Hi , I'm with the same problem with the audio quality , my impression is that there is an AGC control at the mic circuit or software treatment for the audio.

Is this true?



Aug 14

AGC, no such thing for the audio.


A mic hole on DVR case, just keep this hole to be an open space, it should be good.

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