Jan 28

Innovv K2 issues I'd like to see addressed


I've had the K2 installed for over 5,000 miles now. I like it, it's a good system, but there are a few niggling issues that I would like to see addressed to make it a great system.


1) We NEED a way to protect files from being overwritten. Currently there is no way to mark a recorded file as "protected." The system can do it by itself (by putting the file in the PARK folder) but we, as a user, can't do it. If I am out on a ride and I see something awesome (or scary or whatever), I want to be able to go into the K2 app and say "protect the current recording". I go on trips where I'm riding for 11 to 12 hours a day, so my entire 256-gigabyte memory card will be overwritten several times on a trip, so I need a way to protect certain files. Ideally, I'd like an option on the main screen that says something like "protect the last five minutes" or so, so that with the push of a button I can ensure that whatever's been recently recorded and is currently being recorded, will be protected from being deleted. This would be a HUGE upgrade for the K2 system.


2) Please fix the "mobile data" bug, where the phone cannot connect to the K2 unless the phone has been put in "airplane mode" or has mobile data disabled. This is a serious limitation and basically renders the phone app unusable while riding, because if I have to choose between mobile data or K2 app, mobile data wins.


3) Fix the G sensor. I have a Harley, Harleys vibrate some, and even with the G sensor set on "low" I find that about 1/3 of the recorded videos end up in the PARK folder. That's pretty much useless. The sensor is way too sensitive and should only be triggering when there's a real collision event, not just when running over some Bott's Dots on the highway.


4) Playback on the phone is pretty much useless. I have a premium powerful phone, the Google Pixel 2 XL, and trying to play back files from the K2 results in very stuttery performance. I'll get maybe three seconds of playback, then it pauses and buffers for two or three seconds, then plays for three, then pauses, etcetera. It's not useful.


5) Why is transferring a file to the phone so interminably slow? It's wi-fi, it should be pretty quick, but it takes forever to copy a five-minute file. It makes copying a file pointless. Note, copying the file was my attempt to work around point #1 above, but it takes so long it's just not practical.


6) Battery drain issue needs to be fixed. It doesn't seem to bother my bike much, but it definitely bothers other bikes, and this should be a high priority item to get fixed.

Agree with all the points.

I detach the sd card when I want to save some video, as the wifi transfer is painfully slow.

The main problem for me is the battery drain, I can't simply use this product in the current situation... my battery dies in 2 days if K2 is connected.

Feb 13

Thank you for the inputs, that is very valuable information especially the K2 with your 5000 miles riding.


We have been seriously considering your input, and our guys have been working on the changes.


Do you mind to share some video clips to share the enjoyment of the touring?

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  • Had the K2 for 5 days now. Overall its pretty good. I have a few issues that I need to look into. 1 - The lens seems to black out in the bottom (say 4 and 8 O'Clock) A bit like the lens has Glaucoma... 2 - I start my bike, put helmet, gloves on, ride off, but recording doesn't start until I am a few miles away, has to be at least 5 minutes after setting off, and maybe 6 minutes after starting the bike. An I supposed to wais 6 minutes before setting off? 3 - I have to do something with how I transfer the files, WiFi just doesn't cut it. My bike (R1250GS Adventure) automatically powers off after X minutes, not sure exactly how many, to preserve the battery, the WiFi hasn't managed to transfer a 3 minute file before the bike powers off. I cant view from the bike, stream, as it doesn't stream, it just jitters from frame to frame. I have an iPhone XS Max if that makes any difference. So far I have not been able to download or view any recording, only when setting up on live view. On the plus side, it only took 30 minutes to set up on the bike, only having to remove the tank panel. Does anyone have any thoughts on my three issues?
  • After the firmware v61 update, I noticed the blue light on the power transformer never goes off - no matter how long the bike is off. Is this normal? What could possibly be powering this other than my battery?
  • I'm at a slight disadvantage, as my bike is still in a container ship, travelling back to the US, but I'll see if I can make my point clearly enough. I've been told that if I connect to the K2, using WiFi, and the K2 App on my cell phone, that the time would be correctly set within the K2. I'm afraid that this is not correct, at least it's not correct under a few sets of circumstances. First of all, in certain parts of the world, you need to set your phone to override the current time, and set it manually. For instance, all of China uses a single timezone (Beijing time), but my iPhone got confused, and thought that there were multiple time zones, and so, I had to override the time setting. As a result, although I connected my iPhone to the K2WiFi, and then enabled the IOS app, and selected settings, I still ended up with a situation where the time on the K2 was at least 1 hour different from the time on my phone. Throughout my trip, I often tried to get the time of the K2 to be properly set, and I think that I achieved it only once. In all other cases, it was between 1 and 2 hours off. So, my question is, why don't you allow me to set the time, or select the time zone within the K2, rather than relying on using the Phone? As IOS versions on the phone change, it is likely that they'll handle time zones differently, perhaps forcing you to make odd choices in some cases, but if I was able to manually set the time zone in the K2, we eliminate any chance that the system will have the wrong time. The outcome, if you want to set the time, connect to the K2 over WiFi, set the time, and exit. It's just about perfect, and it addresses all of the possible irregularities that exist as we travel around the world. Thoughts?
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