Aug 30, 2018

Hex Ezcan and K2


I use a Hex Ezcan on my 2011 BMW R1200RT and rather than tap into a ignition power source I hooked up the 'yellow' wire to a circuit on the EzCan that powers up my auxiliary driving lights. The Ezcan comes on and off with ignition and works through the can bus system. This way no tapping into an ignition source wire. For those of you who have Ezcan this is an alternative hook up for K2.

Sep 9, 2018

Hi Raymond, I'm trying with the same setup, did you still use red/black to battery and yellow to EZcan? I looked on hex site and for a 3 wire setup(for horn or light granted) they say ignore the yellow. I do get power to my K2 but have to manually press the button (under the seat!).

Sep 11, 2018

Does that work?

Sep 11, 2018

Always keep in mind, the yellow wire should connect to the switched power source and get power off or on in advance, that is to send the signal to camera system to start or stop recording.


The red and black wires should connect to the positive and negative terminal of battery to get power supply.




Sep 11, 2018

Thanks Both, I have a 2017 model which only has a 2 wire ezcan connection. I has starting to wire like the picture from Raymond last night but ran out of light! Will carry on tonight and give feedback.

Sep 11, 2018

All sorted, thanks agin both, power direct to battery, yellow to ezcan socket. Works a treat, now to get some footage when the sun comes up :-)

Dec 4, 2018

I’ve got te Denali Cansmart controller which is simila to the ezcan. When you say yellow to ezcan socket which colour lead does it go to ?

Im looking to connect the brake light circuit of the Cansmart which has a red and a black lead.


Dec 4, 2018

@Ian Worthing I used the white from EzCan (Auxiliary channel) to yellow from DVR. But CanSmart does not have an Auxiliary channel like the EzCan. With the CanSmart brake light circuit (red and black) you would need to tap into the red lead which is positive (+), black is (-).


Dec 4, 2018

Raymond Thanks Ill try it next week when Im back home.

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Oct 3, 2018

Craig are you finding that the ezcan shuts down after riding for a while with K2 running off the auxiliary channel? Seems to happen when I use the horn/strobe function, or strobe the lights.

Oct 3, 2018

Hi Raymond, i've not found that, I have a pair of Bikeviz bullets wired to the left channel, one pair to the right channel, and a brake light in my top box, the K2 yellow then goes to the last channel on the ezcan. I can't remember exactly the setting i put on the accessory part of the ezcan, but i don't think i changed it from default.


I don't have a horn connected and the lights are set as always on, so i don't get the same results. Is it only when you have the ezcan set to strobe the lights?

Oct 3, 2018

Hello Craig thanks for the reply. Yes I have my lights set to strobe on high beam switch as well as horn. I have been in contact with HEX and they feel my unit has a internal wiring problem so they are going to replace my unit. :)


Dec 12, 2018

Hi ,

Thank you for reply

Not having anything such as auxiliary lights where would you take the switched power supply from?

Dec 12, 2018

I believe that you would have to splice (yellow line from DVR) into the brake light wire so that the DVR starts up with the bike.

Ive just added the yellow to the live on the break light high which is ignition power supply. Red and black leads to the battery. But concerned that the battery is losing its charge as the converter still draws power even when the ignition is turned off



Hi Ian, i have had a similar battery issue with it still wired through the ezcan, cause was i was out of the country for 2 weeks and the Park Mode being had enough draw to drain the battery. Since then i've turned off the park mode as it's garaged, and with a solar panel to keep the battery topped up I can leave it parked for two weeks now and no issue.

Hi Craig. How do you turn the park mode off ? I’m considering also disconnecting the gps when I parl the bike up for the night.


Another consideration I’d putting a switch on the red connector so I can isolate any power when it’s parked up overnight on a trip. Not sure if that would work ?


When Home I connect to an optimate

Hi Ian, it's in the settings on the app.

There should not be any power on the Auxiliary yellow coming from the Ezcan once ignition is shut off. The Auxiliary coming from the Ezcan has a delay shut down of 10 seconds, after which there should be no battery drain on the battery, unless of course there is something I am not aware of?

Hi Raymond, the K2 has a feature if the bike is moved/knocked when parked, it starts recording, so it is always awake and using some power, albeit a small amount, 2 weeks was the limit on mine

@Craig Pidcock I just installed mine on a 12gs, I wired the yellow wire from the smart power to the rear brake light and the red and black leads to the HexEZcan I have on the accessory circuit. When the bike switches on the power is detected by the smart power supply and the ExCan also switches on the accessory circuit. When the bike switches off the brake light goes off immediately, this tells the smart power to write its files and switch off the DVR, because the Ezcan has a delay on power down it still has power to write the files. Once the Ezcan has powered down there should be no way for the Innovv to draw any parasitic draw as the Ezcan won't have any power. Just wired this in so I know it works in the garage we will see how it works on the road after a few weeks. Hopefully I don't end up with a dead battery!

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