May 20

GPS Test Ride Video


After some great service from Innovv replacing my GPS unit I tested out the K2 over the weekend.

I used the following software compile the video:

- Dashcam Viewer by john Coggi to view the GPS tracking

- Flashback Express to capture the Dashcam Map view window

- Filmora9 to pull it all together, add titles and music


May 20

You probably have not set your video to be available to everyone.

I get the message 'This video is not available'

I have changed the privacy setting.


May 20

Yes, I can watch the video now.

Nice job! I tried using the screen grab to capture all the player windows, but this resulted in not enough FPS with my computer. It looks like you used the screen recorder to grab JUST the GPS map as a separate video, then combine that with camera files to make the final footage? A lot of steps, but looks like the only way at this point to create a vid with the map on it. Would be pretty easy to switch front/rear main views as well. Thanks for sharing!

Yes the only thing I recorded from my screen using 'flashback' was the map. The two cam videos are direct from the K2 files. It would be nice if there was a dashcam view software that had an export function.

So I can play my videos with Dashcam Viewer (ver. 3.2.5) but am not seeing any map data, Speed/Distance/Bearing graphs are empty, and Dashboard info doesn't reflect what's in the video. I can see my speed shown in the video so assume my GPS input is working fine. I tried to enter a -5.0 offset in the Dashcam Viewer preferences to reflect that I'm on East Coast of U.S. but that didn't do anything.


Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm sure you've tried this but.. have you selected to view the map window ? For some reason dash cam viewer doesn't always show it by default.



Yes...the Map window opens but just shows a dot in the center of a blue background. I've attached a screenshot that shows the different windows I'm seeing.


If you deselect the 'Follow' option does the dot move? If it does then it's just a map rendering issue I guess.


Jun 25Edited: Jun 25

Do you have the latest version of DashcamViewer?

For me the window with the speedometer looks different. Version 2.7.8.

See attached screenshot.



I'm using latest version 3.2.5.

Regarding my issue with no map data in my Dashcam Viewer videos, I noticed that each video had a wrench icon attached, which the software uses to indicate something is wrong with the GPS data. After a Google search, I found the DashCamTalk forum and posted a request for help



John, the DashCam Viewer app developer, responded with the following:

I have discovered that newer INNOVV K2's store their GPS data in a slightly different format than earlier versions. The good news is that I've implemented a fix, which will be released with version 3.2.6 of Dashcam Viewer (hopefully this weekend). I tested your video with v3.2.6 and it worked great. Stay tuned...


So if you have a relatively new K2 and are seeing this problem, help is on the way!

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