Aug 5

Feature Request for Forum: Personal Messages


Edited: Aug 5

Hi @Rock Liu,

I think it would be a good idea to implement something like Personal Messages into the forum. This would allow the members to contact other members without the need to do this public.


Agreed, but as a priority I'd prefer for @Rock Liu to actually respond to messages, either tagging him here in posts or sending direct to his company email inbox and he totally ignores you. Innovv UK on the other hand are great and responsive but on my issue they suffer the same issue that they are trying to get feedback from Rock and are ignored

With private messaging important info important to others will go unproved. As far as getting answers from Rock he has to do better! As I have mentioned repeatedly the updates and labelling are a joke! Nothing has been done. Apparently the servicinfo of customers is not on the radar. Selling and pushing product out the door is not complete without customer service! I’d like to know who oversees Rock cause he is not doing very good job at service let alone having courtesy to deal with customers questions.

Aug 6

Agreed. There must be more response from Innovv within the forum. At a minimum, I would expect replies at a daily basis. Not necessarily from @Rock Liu, but from someone who is able to answer questions.






First of all, please accept my apologize for delayed replies or even no replies from INNOVV! and please accept my appreciate to all of you for such support on the forum.


For sure, I will make change on this and stay on the forum.


About personal messages, Let me check with the forum developer, and keep posted.

@Rock Liu all very well apologising here, but my emails to Innovv are still awaiting your reply. Check your inbox, I will be resending them to you today and do not expect to wait another month before you say sorry again

@Steve Bendall


Noticed your message as below, We did poor job and I am not going to hide or ignore.


About the interference with TMPS, as the discussion on other thread, let's find the find the interference coming from camera or WiFi.


We can keep discussion on the thread of TMPS.


Yes Phil has been good enough to offer a refund, but I want a camera, and as frustrating these issues are I still prefer to be safely covered for ts purpose. Thats not to say I wouldn't prefer it to be perfect. It would be say for me to say take it off and have my money back, but where does that leave me. It might be different if there were there viable alternatives, but as I said I se the Innovv as a premium product so want to keep it, but get it working. Hence my frustration now is less with the issue but more to being completely ignored as the customer by the manufacturer


In addition and another improvement would be to have a forum that is structured, broken down by topics.

e.g. GPS, Wifi issues, Mounting issues, Camera issues, et cetera, this way discussions are organized and the posts are easier to follow and reply to. As it is now the discussions are only broken down by date and in order to find info one must search through the topic discussions.


The chat tool is available, on the left bottom corner. Click the icon can talk with us or any members.


But very strange, I could not find @ Frostie.


@Frostie, Can you also help to check if you can find others?


Aug 9Edited: Aug 9

I can see many members. Just trying to chat with @Andrea Z. as a Test.

Aug 12

@Rock Liu

Yes. Seems that you were already in bed when I did the test :-)

How do I delete a chat? I can create a new one, which is displayed in the overview, but I don´t see a button to delete a finished chat.

Aug 12

Seems like it is not able to delete a chat already sent.

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