Oct 25, 2018

DVR Location


I was accessing my DVR today which I mounted under the seat. Even though it is not directly over the engine it was very warm. Could this ultimately damage the unit? Can you wrap the DVR in insulation to help keep the heat down?

Any suggestions? -JEP-

Oct 26, 2018

Is the DVR getting hot from it's proximity to the engine and/or air flow (The bike), or is it getting hot from it's internal circuitry/charging/battery. If it's internal then wrapping the DVR will only exacerbate the problem. To check, turn the DVR on for awhile without engine running to see if it heats up. And Yes, like all electronics, to much heat will damage the unit, Not sure how hot the DVR should get under normal operating conditions, but. operating specs states the range is -20C - 70C (-4F-158F)...

Oct 27, 2018

Pretty sure the heat is from the engine not the DVR battery but your post on the temperature range is helpful as I'm sure it's not greater than the 158 (F) range. I think I may go with a insulated wrap just to be safe. -JEP-

Oct 27, 2018

Just to be safe, It's an easy check,..Wrapping the unit might be detrimental to the system if the heat is not engine related...

Yes, the DVR does run hot, in fact, very hot. I stuck 2 pieces of foam on the side of the back plate just so that there's some ventilation above and under the dvr.

Jan 14

DVR was made of Aluminum case, that is for heat release as it is waterproof.


Please remove the foam which is easy to case the DVR overheating.

@Rock Liu I have tried every method to cool down the DVR. If there is no foam, the DVR will bounced and when you playback, all you here is the DVR mic picking up noise.

i only place a bit of foam to lift it off the bike to get some airflow.

From my experience, I can tell you that the DVR is running much cooler.

New Posts
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