Apr 20

Damaged files


Edited: Apr 20



I have a problem.

Today I was copying video files from the SD card and I noticed that some of them can not be read. From 30/03 to 8/04 they are good, and then suddenly until 18/04 all are damaged.

Message from computer: QuickTime Player can not open "2019_0418_171036_105F.MP4".


The file has a name, the right size but I can not open it.

I have SanDisk Ultra 128GB card.


Any ideas?

Apr 21

Please do not use Sandisk SD card for camera system.


1. It is not qualified for such loop video recording.

2. Sandisk warranty does not cover such using.


You can find below discussion and the statement from Sandisk.


This warranty does not cover use of the Product in connection with the following uses or devices (as determined by SanDisk): (i) normal wear and tear, (ii) video monitoring, security, and surveillance devices, (iii) internet protocol/network cameras, (iv) in-car recording devices/dashboard cameras/black box cameras,

Apr 21Edited: Apr 21


I did not see it before. What card to buy to run and be fast? Samsung, Kingstone?


ok. I ordered adata mlc. Thank You.

Apr 26

Never knew that SanDisk exludes the usage in video devices from their warranty. That´s funny, because SanDisk itself offers theirs cards to be used in Action Cams or camcorders.

Left side you can choose host type "Action Cam" to see, which SanDisk cards fit this usage.


Nevertheless, I have always used SanDisk cards in my cameras (GoPro, Mobius, K2) without any issues. Maybe your sd card simply gets broken for some reason.



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