Oct 9, 2017

K1 “recording stop” loop and random not recording.


the saga continues, not only do i randomly get ”recording Stopped” loop, the device on bike key on boots up”audible tones” says ”gps ready” the restarts again looping causing no recording of ride. of course this is random as well, since it happened one time, road 10 min turned bike off for a few min. started bike again and it was fine.


these random errors are beyond frustrating, i have reset the device, put on and since taken off most of the ferrite cores. Now only 1 ”camera front” has one. moved the dvr position, changed microcSD cards, double checked and reconnected power, negetive and switched power. (i have an alarm that runs on the same leads the dvr is on and it works just fine)


so what else is there to do outside of finding a deep river for this device?

Oct 9, 2017

oh and i forgot they sent me a firmware update.. that didnt work either.

Oct 10, 2017

Hi Brian, the issue you mentioned can be caused by different reasons. Can you do below check,


1. Test SD card, turn ignition on, keep engine stop, and let camera system to record 1 hour and check recordings if have issue, if has issue. replace the SD card.


2. Remove power cable #4, start engine and replug power cable #4 to DVR and start recording for half hour and see if have issue. if has issue, that is interference from engine.


3, Unplug one camera and keep one camera plugged and record for one day and see if front or rear camera removed the problem was gone.


Keep updated after checking.



Oct 10, 2017


1. It’s a different card then what I started with, same issue on both.

2. Have done this as well, sometimes its fine sometimes not. The dvr resarting was with engine off.. key on only.

3. did this as well, one time had issues with front camera, then issue with back. could not repeat issue. ran test with bike off removing cameras with system off with only rear camera couldnt turn off system. moved rear to front, was fine. put front in rear position no problems. rear cam in front no issue. hence random.


Oct 14, 2017

Brian, I've been having an extremely frustrating time with this system... I've owned it for a few years now, and the first time I installed it (first vehicle) it worked flawlessly, I removed it to trade my vehicle for another one, reinstalled it, shortly after that it started randomly "recording stopped" followed by "Recording started"... when I spoke with tech support, they blamed my Micro SD Card... maybe it was my computer but the card didn't reach the write speed advertised, so I purchased another one made by Delkin that writes at 100MB/s which can be found here:


It seemed as if every time I made a turn or changed lanes, stopped, etc... the system would do this. I taped all of the wires together so that every connection on this system was secure. It kept doing it... Finally, today (14-Oct-2017) I decided to factory reset the system... that, in my opinion, wasn't the problem.


As I was pulling the system off of my console, when I unplugged the power cord, the system shut off which it wasn't supposed to do because of battery backup... As it turns out, the battery was overheated and puffed up, not making contact with the power leads on the K1 system itself. I rocked the battery pack back into place and it powered on, as soon as it was rocked a little bit, it shut off again so I removed the battery pack all together. After I plugged it back in, it was flawless once again. There is no backup, but my truck keeps power to the console for 1 hour after it is turned off so it isn't a big deal.


I will keep you posted whether or not it continues with the random start/stop recording or if it keeps working as advertised. I love the system, and the video clips from it are great but being very frustrated about the random starts and stops from recording were pushing me to the limit of scrapping the entire system and finding something else.


If removing the battery keeps it working perfectly again, then perhaps the INNOVV developers/designers may need to come up with a different battery solution.


Try this first if you are having random start and stop recordings, In my case, I think when the vehicle moved, the battery would make contact and then disconnect causing problems with the DVR.


Good Luck,


Oct 15, 2017

I have this problem too. It was really bad until I put in ferrite cores which alleviated the problem somewhat. Now, it still happens periodically, say once in five rides when I kill the engine as opposed to once every other ride. Audio is also completely destroyed by the EMI interference from my engine. Not sure I can avoid this as the engine is in direct path between the front camera and DVR underneath the seat. The noise persisted even when I tested with the cable away from the engine. Bike is a Ducati Scrambler.


I already posted this in another thread, but no response.


Customer support hasn't responded to me in over 2 weeks. Very disappointed.

Oct 15, 2017

@brain, sorry for delayed reply, base on your message, the issue may be caused by un-security connection between video cables and DVR. Can you refer below photo to install the video connection clip and zip time to fix cables, then fix DVR on bike.



Oct 15, 2017

Nate, Thanks for input, Can you remove the internal battery and test the camera system on the way to see if has issue.


The camera system can work without internal battery.

Oct 15, 2017

Rob, Base on your message that RF chocks helps but the problem can not be 100% gone.


Can you pay attention that if the issue happens when acceleration? or hit horn?


And can be also check if DVR and cables are fixed as the above?


Sorry for delayed reply.

Oct 15, 2017Edited: Oct 15, 2017

@rock it definitely gets worse with acceleration. DVR reboots on wide open throttle. Horn seems to have no effect.


I do have have cable clip installed as above. As soon as I turn on the engine the static distorted noise comes on.

Oct 15, 2017



As I indicated, I've removed the battery and the system didn't have any issues yesterday. I will continue testing it with the battery removed. The only problem I've run into is the last segment of video (after the console turns off) is not accessible. Probably because the video wasn't ended properly.




I would suggest trying to zip tie the wires to something to see if that may be an issue. If the DVR is rebooting, try removing the battery and letting it run on bike power only. This worked for me. I will try to post a picture of the battery from my unit to see if you have the same issue.




Oct 15, 2017

So I drove the vehicle again today, another flawless drive with the K1 system after the battery was removed. The battery is supposed to be 8.5mm thick (that's what it is around the outer edge) but heat has increased it to 10.5mm in the center and it is no longer making contact with the K1 unit. When driving I can only assume it would briefly make contact going around a turn or hitting a bump and then disconnect again causing the power fluctuation and the system would reset. In my opinion, this is a flawed design to make predetermined connection points and it should be used with a small wire (smaller battery) and connector so this doesn't happen. The battery contact points on the K1 system appear to be a small 2mm contact which wouldn't work if the battery is expanded.


If you are having random stop/start recording (say going around a corner) this could be the problem.. it appears to be my solution.


You can clearly see the battery has expanded in the center...


This is what the battery should be... (8.5mm thick)...


and this is what the center of the battery is... 10.5mm thick...



Oct 17, 2017

Well after completely re-wiring the bike for the accessories installed, the K1 still has issues. It no longer records with both cameras and GPS. I have removed the rear camera and it works with front only. I switched to rear only and the DVR doesn't even turn on. I can't get it to come on with the power button either. I have tried with turning the ignition on (bike off) and with bike on.

So, now it seems to be only working with front camera.

Oct 18, 2017


I have had this issue since May and getting BEYOND pissed

Oct 19, 2017

Brian- I too have this system and find it to be very unreliable. Many of the symptoms your describing I am experiencing as well. I am very frustrated with the K1 system.... I was actually looking to see if anyone else was having issues and ran across this post. I too feel the K1 has major design flaws. I too have tried over and over with different cards, zip ties, software, batteries, etc... Still unreliable! I was cut-off by a truck today and wanted to save the video file -- the system didn't record any of my trip again! I think its time to dump this system and replace it with something else!

Oct 19, 2017

From my post to another persons thread..

------ As of this AM, Oct. 19th. I received an email response from Rock saying he would call me at 10am my time (CST- Chicago) I am writing this at 11:20am and NO call. It is obvious that this company says "we take care of products and customers." as they put on every email, is a LIE. So at this point I have a crappy camera that may work, or may not for front camera. Rear camera does not work at all. These problems have been going on since MAY. I am now out $265usd, as I cannot trust this freaking thing to work. IT IS A PIECE OF SH*T!!!!!! Frankly, I will tell any and all people I know not to buy this product. Since this company has no ability to follow through with customer service and it may or may not work with your bike. Anyone who has problems, should go to social media and make sure they do not sell a single device ever again. Even my local BMW dealer was interested in info about this product. To hell if I am going to give any info other then STAY AWAY. @Rock.. Hey great phone call.. OH wait, YOU DIDN'T CALL!!!

Oct 22, 2017

@naget.iphone, thank you for input!!

To be frankly, we even did not notice that battery has unstable connection to DVR and those can cause "Recording start/recording stop issue".

We are looking at the interference, the connection between cables and DVR.


Your finding helps and thank you again.

Oct 22, 2017

@Brian, as our email exchange, I called you twice and left voice messages since you were not available, but you only got one voice message.

I am sorry that you get problem on camera system and have not solved. but whatever, please trust that we never cheat our customers.

Sent you message again, please check and you can see we are working together to get problem solved.

Nov 9, 2017


No refund. No option to return for a different cam.

INNOVV WANTS ME TO BUY ANOTHER CAMERA! And before you say it, I dont give a damn if its 50% off. I got over $300 invested into your junk products and no working camera.

This company is a joke and a good damn reason not to buy from Chinese retailers. At least with American based companies you have some options but not over seas.

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  • So I noticed that in most cases with me the Recording stopped failure happens when I have a drop in batter voltage. Was thinking. What if an inline batter was put in place between the power source and the DVR. Think on of the USB battery packs. Now you would need one that started charging and recharging automatically but think this could solver the problem. The battery pack would simply act as a UPS. Something the onboard battery should already be doing. Also has anyone else though of installing a heat sink on the DVR or even the battery?
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