Sep 28, 2017

DVR expired.


Hi, My DVR no longer shows any sign of life, other than the white light on the side when plugged into computer. The computer tells me the device is malfunctioning. The battery is charged at 3.74volts. The reset button has no effect, as does the power button. Removing and replacing the battery has no effect. Is there no hope for my DVR after little use since purchased? The K1 has been very troublesome since fitted. The DVR screen gets quite warm when connected to the computer. Can you help?

Oct 10, 2017

Base on your message, can you do below check,


1. Find a mobile phone wall charger to connect to the Micro USB port #4 to charge DVR for 2 hours. You can check if the white light changes to red.


2. Press power button on top of DVR and see if you can power up DVR.


Keep updated after testing.

Oct 11, 2017


Hi Rock,

Thanks for advice. I did as you suggested, but the white light did not change to red. It still does not power up, but becomes warm when charging. The dvr has been used less than 2000 miles! Is there any more help you can provide? Is it repairable? If so please advise me.

Thank you, John

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