Jul 28, 2017



I am shopping for a decent HD camera system for my kawasaki vulcan 650. I've installed a cheap 720p system with recorder (screen) under the seat. It isn't HD and I can't read license plate numbers farther than 2 meters away. Removing two seats to access the SD card is a pain. I don't understand why make a DVR with screen it hide from view. That said, it was cheap and works as advertised.


The Innovv K1 isn't much better, especially considering the price. The cameras are big and wiring is running everywhere! The recorder overheats. 1080p isn't useful when you can't see the traffic clearly. Being able to read a license plate is essential. Waterproofing is essential. Why aren't the GPS and DVR at least slashproof?


I think I'll wait for Innovv to catch up with technology.

Jul 29, 2017

I agree. I got onto this forum to find out who the importer is in Australia because my front camera leaked and failed. I first reported the issue back in March but have been screwed around with messages that Innovv is not being very helpful.


Now my DVR has failed and I'm not fucking happy. I've only had this shit 8 months and it's fucked already. I've been running the last 4 months with a faulty front camera.


I've waited long enough. I want somebody from Innovv to contact be directly and deal with this issue before I get on Facebook and Twitter and make the whole world aware of how shonky this shit really is.

Jul 30, 2017

I bought two K1's (one for me and the wife's bike). The first installation I did went smoothly and has been working from day 1 (two years ago now). I didn't think that 1 cable from each camera plus one from the GPS and the round stop/start/capture button to be considered '...wiring running everywhere..."

Yes, the DVR runs very warm/hot, so I didn't use the pouch provided. I bought a water tight 'jiffy

'' box from the local electronics store, drill some breather holes in strategic places and for the 4 mini-usb cables, mounted the DVR unit in the box using the black foam packaging that came with the K1 system - not heating problems, no water ingress.


I also installed a line filters on the cabling (the ones that clip on the outside of cables), and that resolved some RFI/EMI issues.


I ride in all weather conditions (-5C to +38C...still air temps)...and no problems with the cameras - no camera failures due to water entering the camera enclosure.


For my purposes, it doesn't bother me that the DVR unit is tucked away out of sight. If there is an incident, I'll just get the DVR unit out from its enclosure and review what really happened with the cops/whoever, but until that time, it stays tucked away out of harms way.


My advise would be to contact Rock Liu about the problems you are having - I would not bother with the Australian distributor. On the few occasions that I have had to contact Rock about an issue (power related), he was very helpful and very patient - I wish that all business had his level of customer service.

Jul 30, 2017

@Ben, Just replied your post from other thread. It is our first time to hear your case. You can follow up the last reply to let us know what happened. for sure, we take care of products and customers.

Jul 30, 2017

@Duffy, Thanks for sharing your experience with a poor motorcycle system, and the comment for INNOVV motorcycle camera system.


You can click below link to see how people installed the K1 on their motorcycles and were happy to share.


And you can click below link to see how the K1 catching the crash and accident.


We are communicating with riding people from worldwide everyday, many riders thanks for our great passion and effort on motorcycle camera design and development.


Further than email exchange, we set up forum, that is helpful to get riders from worldwide connected and have open & frank discussion, I really hope the discussion can be supportive and encouraged.


"Disappointing" is too negative for guys who working on product development and support to riders, even other riders.

Jul 30, 2017

@ wvincent , Thansk for sharing your sold experience with INNOVV and the K1.


Get riders from worldwide connected and share fun is the reason we set up the forum and the business.

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  • After receiving all possible failures from this product, a logical question arose. - So how to buy spare parts for INNOVV K1 from you (manufacturer)? After buying the battery, it turned out that one of the cameras (rear, but installed in front due to the length of the wire) also came out of standing. - How and how much does your new camera cost instead of a defective one? - Where, how and at what price to buy safety glasses for cameras? - Where, how and at what price to buy a new power supply for the camera, because the old power supply does not hold stable voltage and current, as well as poor contact at the USB A female connector due to flat tracks? Remind everyone that You can buy battery pack from GoPro for: HD Helmet Hero, HD Hero, HD Hero 2, HD Hero 960, HD Hero Naked, HD Motorsports Hero, HD Surf Hero part numbers are: ABPAK-001, AHDBT-001, AHDBT-002
  • Hi Rock , as per my post in the K2 forum, the K1 has been brilliant up to now, but following that post, I think I spoke to soon !! last night I went to download the footage but the unit is completely dead, won't turn on , nothing, the charging light on the side is on (faint white light) but nothing happening. I tried a reset, plugged it back into the bike, nothing, completely dead, any ideas what is wrong? thanks
  • So I noticed that in most cases with me the Recording stopped failure happens when I have a drop in batter voltage. Was thinking. What if an inline batter was put in place between the power source and the DVR. Think on of the USB battery packs. Now you would need one that started charging and recharging automatically but think this could solver the problem. The battery pack would simply act as a UPS. Something the onboard battery should already be doing. Also has anyone else though of installing a heat sink on the DVR or even the battery?
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