Aug 6, 2017

Big gaps between recordings


I get some big gaps between each recording, also the length of each recording varies from 30 seconds to 2.30 mins. Its supposed to be set to 10 mins! While I could live with the sporadic length of file time I am worried about the gaps between each recording. What if I have an accident that does not get captured because it was in the gap!!! this is a massive issue for me and if this is the way the product works then it will need to be returned. HELP!

Aug 7, 2017

@Damian, The sounds you can press the middle button printed Mic with "/" while recording to enable and disable sounds.


You can make setting to be 1 minute, and check if there is difference.

Aug 7, 2017

I'll try that when I get home as I'm now on holiday. I did notice after if I just keep the ignition on I get a recorded started message, then a recording stopped and it keeps doing this randomly. I expect that is why the recordings are random length with gaps. How do you fix this issue? Is it a faulty device?

Aug 7, 2017

You can download trouble shooting guide fro the spec of the K1, at the bottom of the page.


Follow it up to do check and keep me updated, let's review together to see what is wrong.

Aug 7, 2017


You'll probably find gaps even if you shorten the recording time, I like the 5 minute (50min travel to work) but still get gaps and intermittent Recording times.

Pretty sure you aren't the only one to get this, that's why I double up with my roam which I was trying to get away from

Aug 20, 2017Edited: Aug 20, 2017

So I can only set as low as 2 mins, there is no 1 min option? so far this seems like the biggest waste of money ever! I'm really not happy with this system! The playback with the app also mixes up the odd rear and front camera during the full playback (Including added gaps!) Also it looks like the biggest recording I get is 5 mins so what is the 2 min setting all about? Also the last few files were corrupt and will not play, not much use in the case of an accident!


I have ordered another samsung SD card but I hold out very little hope, I meen if there is supposed to be a 1 min recording option that is not there and setting it to 2 mins still results in files upto 5 mins then it seems dodgy to me!


If I have no SD card in then I have options for 1min up to 10 min. With and SD card in I only have 2, 5 and 10 min. I can set to 2 min but restarting the unit and its back as 5 min! I have tried formatting the card while in such modes but the same issues! Also if I ask it not to stamp the speed it stamps it anyhow!


Dose this unit ship with good working firmware or are there some bugs to fix? As a software engineer it looks just like very badly written buggy firmware, do you have a working version? I doubt I am the only person seeing these problems!


If there is no solution to this then how do I get a refund? I would also want my import costs refunded too please which added an extra premium to this faulty system! I would also want you to pay for the costs to send the unit to you too! Grasping at straws but if you want to send me out a second unit to see if that solves these problems then I am happy to do that and return the one I have once its working.

Aug 21, 2017

Hi Damian, base on your message, our guy will call you to learn into details.

I think the first step is to verify the SD card if reliable.

You can turn on ignition (Engine stop), let camera system to record half hour, and check if have issue.

If have issue, please replace SD card.

If without issue, let's do further check what is wrong.

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