Oct 11, 2017

Unreliable Recording!!!


Edited: Oct 21, 2017


Tried my new C5 today. It worked fine during the 1 hour commute this morning (picture 1). During this evening's ride home, I got 40 mins of garbage (pictures 2 & 3) until I stopped for petrol and stopped/started the bike and things recorded again for the last 20 minutes of the journey (picture 4).


The C5 is hardwired into the HayaBusa using the delay start relay. The C5 clearly recorded for the 40 mins (5GB of files), but had there been an accident there wouldn't be any evidence and I wasn't aware it wasn't working.


Is anyone else experiencing this problem? What can be done to fix it?








Oct 12, 2017

what's the time recording settings ?

the max you should set to is 5mins

10mins has been causing a few issues

Oct 12, 2017

Hi - Recording time is 5 minutes. I will try going back to the default 3 mins.

I did have park sensor on, but switched this off before I left this morning.


Frustratingly, I had the same scenario - morning video OK, but evening video useless. Interestingly it looks like some sort of interference as in tonight's video you can just make out the image in the background (see photos).


I made sure the engine was running before the camera booted up. I started the engine a couple of seconds after ignition on, so engine was running within 5 secs, which is about 5 secs before the C5 powers up.


Camera and unit are hard wired, which makes it difficult to explain why it works half the time and not the other half.


Rock Liu or someone else from Innovv - please help - this is a brand new camera, only used for 2 days and it has failed to record half the journeys I've done.




Oct 12, 2017

Well noted your detailed message that is helpful to see what is wrong.


As you mentioned, on morning time videos are OK, but have issue after a while when riding at night.

The different between day and night is head light or other lights installed on motorcycle. and maybe the interference generated from lights that impacts the recording.


Please check the video cable if combine with light cables?

Can you remove the camera and the cables from the current install position, and it on handle bar to see if have such issue again?


BTW, the update,

1. New firmware is ready for release, it solved the bug of 10 minutes bugs and made a small change.

2. The supplied 12v to 5v converter has 10 seconds power on/off delay. so you can directly connect wires to battery from motorcycle and the switched power source.






Oct 13, 2017

Hi Rick Liu


Whilst it was dark the first night it wasn't dark when I left on the second night.


On the first night, it was dark when I stopped for Petrol and the recording after the petrol station (in the dark) was fine. On the second day, it started to get dark 30 mins after I left work. Also the Hayabusa has lights-on all the time, they can't be switched off. So I don't think it is lights.


At the moment it seems the problem was happens when I leave work but I've only done 2 days worth of commutes (5 engine stop starts including the petrol stop) and two of the recordings have failed. The bike is usually garaged at home. At work it is outside, so it could be something to do with being outside but I'd expect the camera to handle this and the restart after Petrol stop worked fine.


It will be difficult to move the camera as it has been hard-wired and professionally fitted. The screen has been cut to allow for placement of camera (see photos). If it was placement, then I'd expect the problem all the time.










Oct 21, 2017

Hi Rock Liu


I'm still having problems with intermittent unusable video and not getting any answers. Sometimes it works fine, others it just doesn’t. The first image below is from Thursday. This was taken with the bike stationary with ignition on but engine off. There were 4 minutes of video (a 3 min clip and a 1 min clip). If you look carefully at the video (I can upload if required), you can see it is recording, it just has interference. In the video you can hear me unlocking the bike chain and towards the end starting the engine. The video remains like this throughout.


I then switch the ignition off & on again and the next video works perfectly.


Both recordings were made with the 20170925 MP4 firmware upgrade that was on your website last week. The problem was the same as with the previous firmware. The problem cannot be installation related as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t – I can’t find anything consistent (e.g. lights are always on, doesn’t matter if engine is on or off). I am assuming there is a hardware fault. If it is only me then it may be a defective device. If it is affecting other people, then it is a design issue. This needs to be fixed. If we can’t resolve very quickly, then we will need to either arrange for a warranty replacement (if only me affected) or a refund. I can’t afford to have a safety camera that doesn’t work.


Please help.

Oct 22, 2017

Hi James, can you sent message to about your phone number, I'd like to have phone call with you to learn into details, and work together to get problem solved. No worrying, you can get replacement or refund if the issue can not be solved.


Further more, you can click below link to download the last firmware(Small changes base on the one you updated before)


Please be sure, we take care of product and customers.

Nov 13, 2017

I have the same issue, some videos and then all following after that until I restart the camera (powercycle) have or consist mostly of vertical lines (grey).

I have updated the firmware just now and will report back if the problem still persists.

I am using 1minute files now but it also occured with 3 minute files.

Nov 14, 2017

This is how my recording looked after being at the fuel station.

The recording before this one was flawless.


Nov 14, 2017

@ Steffen Arntz , can you check if possible to find clue when / what makes that happen? That helps to see find what is wrong indeed.


You can see if it happens when celebration?

Nov 14, 2017


I will try to get a clue of what makes it happen.

Is the cable shielded well enough? or might interference from the ignition or abs or so, result in problems? The manual does not mention such points at all.

Nov 15, 2017

@ DooMMastR, The cable has been shielded, it was custom made.


As the issue happened casually, we need to see what is wrong indeed.


What motorcycle do you have? can you take a photo to show the install?


We sent a improved DC 12v to 5v converter to James for testing.



Nov 15, 2017Edited: Nov 15, 2017

I have a Honda SH 300 i (2017), there is another posting about my installation.

In my case the Power supply is directly connected to the battery terminals and the "ignition switched" rail (yellow cable) on the central power distribution beneath the floor board. << Post of my installation.

Yesterday I made three trips, nothing changed between them, but one of the recordings was broken again.


The reason I asked about shielding is that it is in the nature of a scooter that all the engine parts are "right" next to the helmet compartment and so I was concerned that that might be the issue.

But since the video once it works, is just flawless and has no hiccups or artifacts I also wonder if not the power supply ot the recorder might be at fault and something goes wrong during startup.


I bought the recorder at NIKO Distribution Ltd. in Dublin through Amazon Market Place, and am located in Germany.

Nov 20, 2017

You can click below link and upload the video, so we can check.


But since the video once it works, is just flawless and has no hiccups or artifacts I also wonder if not the power supply ot the recorder might be at fault and something goes wrong during startup.


You are right, let's pay attention to it and see if happen again

Nov 20, 2017

Hi Rock


I tried the new power supply you sent. The first 2 days of commutes (5 trips) were fine. However one of my three rides today had the vertical line problem. Whenever the problem happens, it happens for a complete power cycle (ignition-on to ignition-off). Presumably it isn't the power supply (as this was swapped), so it must be something in the boot up sequence that isn't working reliably or a component that is failing.


We need a fix for this. There is no point in having a safety camera that only works sometimes.

Nov 21, 2017

@James, thanks for feedback, as you mentioned it happens for a complete power cycle even the converter replace do check on lens or DVR, and try to repeat the issue you are facing, so can see what is wrong indeed, and do improve.


We should get result early next week.


@James, DooMMasteR, Please be sure, we take care of product and customer. we will give you the update on early next week. if still can not repeat the issue, we will send you new lens.

Nov 28, 2017

Im having the same issues, sometimes it records ok, other times i either get lines though or just a black screen, both records sound, this was with a replacement unit, the first one packed up altogether.

@ James, DooMMasteR, Have you tired to change the position you installed the camera? and re-layout the camera cables to see if has the same issue?

Dec 5, 2017

not yet, as it requires a lot of disassembly in my case.

Dec 5, 2017Edited: Dec 18, 2017


@Eason Song, Rock Liu - I've been discussing this with Rock for weeks. Positioning on the bike was ruled out a long time ago. If there was interference from engine, lights, etc. it would happen all the time not intermittently. It is also likely that the interference on the recording would start/stop as the source of interference starts/stops. What actually happens is that one in a number of recordings is corrupt for the entire recording (regardless of engine on/off, lights on/off, etc.). My power supply has been upgraded (didn't fix the problem). There is some other power-cycle (boot up) problem.

I cut into the screen to get a clean install and now I've got a system that doesn't work and if I remove it, will require panel replacement. I will be replacing the bike and the C5 will be going with it.


I sincerely hope Rock comes up with a fix and once you have a product that works reliably, that he sends me a working unit.

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