Sep 6, 2017

RF Interference


Just installed 2 C5 systems on a HD Tri Glide. Everything works as I hoped with the exception of My FM radio reception drop to almost nothing when the two cameras are turned on. With one camera on its somewhat better and with both turned off the radio works normally. My placement choices were few and ended up mounting both DVR's and both power converters on a piece of Lexon and placed it all under the seat. Could the close placement of the components be causing the interference? Any input will be appreciated.

Sep 7, 2017

I think you can refer below, radio interference happens to HD.

RADIO INTERFERENCE - how do you get rid off it??? from

Two suggestions,


1) relocal the ground from the radio

I would take it into a local auto stereo custom shop and let them isolate the ground for me. that cure the whine and if you use teh headlight modulating thing you will have run a sperate wire to power your radio as well. again a job for a car stereo expert. they also will sale you what you need to hook up. what ever you do please dont have them install 18 woofers.


2) RF chokes added to in-line of stereo.

Go to Radio Shack and buy an in-line noise choke. It looks like a door bell transformer with 2 wires that you connect in-line with your stereo. Sounds like your noise is coming through the 12 volt lead. Spark plug noise will come in through the antenna and there you'll want to be sure you're using resistor spark plugs and resistor plug wires. The choke may cost $5-10 depending on how much current your radio pulls. I suggest your radio pulls no more than 4-5 amps and that's the choke size you'll need.



You can try and keep us updated.

Sep 7, 2017

My problem occurs when the cameras are turned on along with the FM radio, engine off, so it is not ignition noise. Also I am not getting noise in the radio but lack of signal as if some RF is grounding out the signal in the antenna leads. The rear mounted antenna cable does pass directly over the cameras.

Power leads are connected to battery and yellow trigger wire to the accessory plug

Sep 11, 2017

Let's see where does the interference come.


1. Can more the DC converter's position to check if changes on FM radio.


2. Change DVR's position.


Keep me updated.

Hello Bron9270, As you mentioned, The rear mounted antenna cable does pass directly over the cameras. The FM singal caused EMI interference (RF interference) impacts camera system to work. You can remove the FM rear mounted antenna cable as far as possible to the camera cables. Above all, Please don't get the antenna cable does pass directly over the cameras. Keep us updated after the above checking.


The good cable routing and installation can help to avoid the RF Interference on the Motor.

Feb 9, 2018

I just installed a C5 single camera system and a have the stock Boom Audio system on my 2017 Harley Road Glide, and I have the same issue.


The power supply is under the seat, the DVR is behind the right side panel, the power for the DVR is separated from the camera cable, as soon as the DVR powers up it kills the FM radio signal. It also interferes with my Sena Bluetooth headset streaming Pandora, it will play one song the just get stuck is buffering, trying to load the next song.


Feb 9, 2018

Here's the camera mounted


Apr 2, 2018Edited: Apr 2, 2018

No new updates on this, the radio is useless while the DVR/Camera is running and I don't have the camera wires running anywhere near the radio antenna.


There is no way I can recommend this system to someone with this kind of interference.

Apr 19, 2018

I'm curious if you resolved your issue?


Apr 19, 2018

Never did resolved it. Ended up removing the cameras and using them in my truck and wifes car.

Works fine there, Installed 2 Garmins on the bike.

Apr 19, 2018

so what happens if you put your truck & bike as close as possible dose the issue exists? I'm sure using a simple shielding foil should address the issue I will be installing a system on my street glide 2017 with the boom audio my antenna is one of the hidden ones in the fairing my thought was front camera same place as you the rear under the license plate light the DVR & power box in the leg lower


Apr 19, 2018

Before I removed the cameras, I unbundled all the cables and separated them the best I could, meaning I laid the cables on the floor as far from the bike as I could. Even used a 12 volt power supply to power it up. Same loss of FM signal. Was going to shield all cable in foil but decided to bag it and go with another setup. I have the tourpack mounted antenna and wasn't going to change that. I will try the camera in the truck and see how the radio works when parked next to it when I get a chance. Will post results.

Apr 19, 2018

Interesting after removing it you still experienced RF interference I have a meter to detect RF I use to build amplified antennas for drones

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