Aug 22, 2017

Reinstalling the firmware


i had an issue with the DVR & you advised me to reinstall the firmware

how do i reinstall the firmware ?

Aug 22, 2017

Reinstall firmware is simple and easy.


Click below link to download the firmware. at the bottom of page.


Save the bin file to the root of SD card, and insert SD card to DVR, Power up DVR, you can see red Led is flashing and stop. that is firmware reinstalled.

Aug 22, 2017

ive done that now & do i have to delet the Bin File from the card to stop it reading it every time ?

Aug 23, 2017

Once firmware updated successfully, the bin file will be deleted automatically.


You can check if bin file still in SD card.

Aug 23, 2017

Is it in root of SD card?

If in root of SD card, not in any folders in SD Card, it should be deleted automatically after firmware installed.

Aug 23, 2017

its in the root of the SD card & its not deleting it so there must be another problem

Aug 24, 2017

reinstalled the firmware last night then deleted the file

this morning i ran the C5 but havent changed any settings or conneted a Phone to it Via WIFI

got into work & checked the unit

its has recoreded the entire journey with its base settings

the video quality is pretty good

my next step is to connect it Via WIFI to a phone & try again

im going to change the settings one step at a time to see if there is a problem with the WIFI connection or with the APP

i have both an Andriod phone & Iphone 6s so can try it on both & ill report back my findings


Aug 24, 2017

Look forward to seeing your feedback.

As you have seen, the forum is set to get people connected, sharing the experience, finding and fun on the way.

Aug 31, 2017

so after a week of testing the C5 to see what the problem with it is origonaly suspecting that the App /or firmware could be at fault ive now found the fault to be in the USB - C connection

i only found out when the unit failed on my daily commute & what i know call the green light of dead

the unit frooze with only the green light on solid

i had mounted the unit onto the fairing so i could keep my eye on it where as before it was mounted under the seat.

the unit frooze on me yet again & when i pulled up at a set of traffic light i gave the C connection a little flick with my finger & the unit started to work again

but it wont stay running for very long only until the connection goes again

over a short time a can see the USB - C connection failing totaly & me throwing the unit in the bin

lucky for me i have my drift ghost still mounted on the bike which is proving to be alot more reliable


Sep 1, 2017

USB C-connection was used is to make the connection be to reliable. You can flip the male plug to the female port.

Further more, two thumb screws added to fix the connection.

It passed vibration test.



the unit frooze on me yet again & when i pulled up at a set of traffic light i gave the C connection a little flick with my finger & the unit started to work again

but it wont stay running for very long only until the connection goes again


I really hope we can work together to see what is wrong indeed. If possible you can send the whole set back, here we do check what is wrong, and keep you updated.

Sep 2, 2017

Sorry, how is the USB-C connection failing? Is it loose? Is it falling out? Flicking the unit to restore recording indicates a short or hardware fault. Not using a "quality", high-speed Class-10 SD card doesn't help. I was using a simple cheap SD card and having problems. I upgraded to a premium Ultra Pro 32GB card and things improved. The unit still struggles to keep up at 1080p because to the compression codex used. This is causing a jello-effect and unstable video at different times. That is why many people are calling the video just decent or okay.

Sep 4, 2017

USB-C connection allows you to flip the plug and connect to the port side.

The C5 has sony coms, high quality 6-Glass lens, that is to produce good video in day and night.

Sep 4, 2017


its not the SD card i have a few of them & there the ones Innovv recomend ive tryed them all

another thread has started with a similar problem so before i unplugg the unit & camrea from the bike im going to watch the thread to see if a solution can be found from that

Sep 5, 2017

I copied the latest firmware to a SD card and started the camera. It installed the firmware on my C5 camera automatically. I am hoping that might correct a major connection problem. I removed the SD card and the .bin file was deleted and an INNOVV folder created.

Sep 25, 2017

ive been running the C5 for the last two weeks on my everyday commute into London

70 miles each way

so far its locked up twice & only if ive plugged either the card of the unit into my PC

it has a similar fail rate to my Drift Ghost S so i cant complain,

ive now learned not to try to delete the filies from the card via a pc, i delete the files by the app.

once im sure im going to keep the unit on the bike ill move the unit & camera into a more perminate postion.

I like the camera to be in a high position so it can catch scenes from further away

im going to make a bracket to fit the unit to the bike bars next to my phone holder


Sep 25, 2017

Deleting files from PC will impact the recording? I would like to learn more details.


You can find bar mount to set the lens to the bar.



Sep 25, 2017

I know this is going off the 'Reinstalling the firmware' topic, but I've also had the unit lock up after having the card/DVR connected to my laptop (and removed from bike). I haven't had a chance to properly test the issue yet, but the first set of files that are recorded after first power-up (after putting the DVR back onto the bike) are corrupted (looks like a screen with tightly packed vertical red lines). Once it has powered down and then back up, the issue stops.


I can't remember if I made any changes to the files on the DVR, so can't say whether it was a file access/edit issue caused by me, or the way the DVR manages recording after having the SD card read externally.


If I don't remove the SD card or don't access the DVR via my laptop, I have no lock-up issues. It does mean that I can't trust the DVR to record after removing the DVR/SD card from the bike (unless I make sure to power up the DVR and then power it down, after refitting to the bike). I still need to test properly to give a better idea as to what results I'm getting.

Sep 26, 2017

Hi Dave

thats virtually the same symtoms as i have

ive mounted the DVR so i can see it while its recording

im having my laptop upgraded to W10 on Friday & will see if it makes any difference

Sep 28, 2017

Hi Royston


I think that mounting the DVR where you can see it is a good idea. I checked the DVR yesterday evening an hour after my commute home from work (the DVR is currently under the seat) and saw that both buttons were flashing as if it was recording and WiFi accessible. It wasn't recording.


Unfortunately there was no video for that days riding, and the most recent video was for the previous day. If I can’t be confident that the C5 is recording while I’m on the bike, I won’t be using it. However I’m going to wait for the next firmware release and see what improvements have been made before I decide what to do.


Also the C5 app now crashes when I go to view the list of videos on the DVR. So I am starting to lose confidence in that as well. It might be an idea for Innovv to provide a minimum spec phone for operating the C5 app. At least prospective buyers will be aware of any likely additional expenditure beyond the C5 hardware. I’m hopeful coding changes will rectify the issues; otherwise the C5 will be coming off the bike.

Oct 2, 2017

I have the same probs as Dave R. My C5 has had the solid green light (just after I changed some setting about Parking mode). Unit was then firmware reset and ok for 35 minute ride. At my destination I removed the SD car and viewed the video on my PC, all good. then out the card back in and rode home, 35 minutes of vertical purple lines.


I am happy to set and forget if I can find a stable setup where I can trust it is always recording. with my C3 units I am able to remove the cards all the time and copy the video and put the cards back into the C3 units.


I will now format the card once it has been removed and viewed in PC to see if records normally after format. Rock is onto it and I am sure will resolve it.

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