Dec 21, 2017

Recording Stopped After 1 Hour


In a 2 hour journey - frustrating . are you sure you havent launched this product & App too soon as there appears to be many glitches and to be honest, im beginning to regreat buying 2 units (front & rear facing) I wasnt aware id be part of

Dec 21, 2017

Your quality control department. See what I mean, can’t even write on the forum without issues! I’m not a happy customer. 😕

Hello gknight, Could you help to check the 12V to 5V converter installed? And make sure the power supply connection properly. You can share more detail information for us to analysis. And be sure, the products before shipping had been tested 24 hours without issue, and we take care of products and customers.



Dec 22, 2017

Same again today. Front camera 1 hour recording then nothing more. Rear camera, nothing at all! I’ve changed and reformatted cards to see if that works. This IS NOT plug & play! More like pay and forever more play around trying to get the system to work consistently. Is there a UK dealer I can go to to have all these issues sorted?

New Posts
  • Hi, Last week we(in Europe) changed time to be one hour back(-1h), due to switching from summer to winter time. My C5 doesn't want to switch to correct time and stays one hour ahead. There is no way to change it through the app settings manually. C5 firmware and the App on the smartphone(iPhone 6) are both last versions. I leaved the Phone app connected through the WiFi to C5 permanently, everything works fine, phone has the right time, but C5 still works with timestamp 1 hour ahead. What to do to fix that?
  • The camera doesn't connect, and the red light stays on, so I have no idea if it has recorded anything, the forum is no help, waste of money!
  • Hello, I bought a replacement C5 for a broken one. I updated the firmware and it seems to behave normally but I cannot turn off the WiFi. When I press the green button it flashes and eventually reconnects. It never gives the 1 flash per second. Has there been a change? Thanks.
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