Feb 28

Rain-repellent camera lens


By rain-repellent, I don't mean waterproof. The camera is already waterproof.


What is mean is a camera lens design that will be more resistant to water drops gathering when riding.


The current (C5) design is a convex lens cover that appears to hold water between the lens cover and the outer housing. If the glass was flat against the outer housing - or even protruded a little past the housing - I am sure that rain would dissipate more easily.


Until then, I get rain drops that gather in the small recess between outer housing and lens cover.


Does my description make sense?


Sent from the rainy UK...

Mar 13

Thank you for posting, and sorry for delayed reply as the forum has been fulfilled by spamming messages.


Your distribution is very clear and especially the video link.


We have been thinking how to get such issue fixed.


Will see if to make the lens to be more smooth.

I have similar problems with the Honda civic rear dash camera. I ended buying RainX, and cleaning the lens with it. It helps!

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