Jul 8

Modified Firmwares with higher bitrates


As you can read in this thread in the K2 forum, I created some modified firmwares for the K2. These firmwares offer a higher bitrate for video encoding and minimizes the compression artifacts, which can happen when driving in areas with much details (e.g tree-lined roads).


Now the user @andrew.w.farrar asked me if you could to the same for the C5. Well...of course. So I modified the latest V-42 firmware for the C5 to increase the bitrate at 1080P to 20MBit (default is 14MBit). As I do not own a C5, I am not able to do tests with this firmware, but andrew.w.farrar did some short tests without any problems.



These firmwares are based on the original Firmwares from Innovv, but are modified by me. Therefore they are not supported by Innovv and, of course, come without any warranty.

Also be aware, that a higher bitrate means the size of the video files increases accordingly, which means you definitively need a quality sd card which can handle the higher data rate.


How to install?

Install it just like the original firmware. Download the desired file, rename it to "INNOVVC5.bin" and put it in the root folder of your sd card. Then start your C5 and wait for the flashing process to end. That's all.


How to remove?

Simply install one of the original firmwares to remove the modified firmware.


You can find the modified firmware(s) here.

Make sure you download the correct file for the C5 and not for the K2 :-)




a day ago

@Frostie Hi I hope you can help, installed this firmware couple of months ago, I'm now trying to update to the latest firmware from Innovv website, but no matter which firmware I put on the memory card nothing gets flashed and modified firmware remains, and yes I'm remembering to rename them to INNOVVC5.bin. Thanks in advance.

11 hours ago

I don't own a C5, so I only can guess that the C5 has the same requirements as the K2 has regarding the flashing process.


  1. What SD Card did you use when trying to install the firmware (size)? If it was a big Card (e.g 256GB), try a smaller card.

  2. What format is the SD Card formatted with? I guess the C5 needs FAT32, too.

  3. After you tried to flash the C5, did the INNOVVC.BIN still remain on the SD Card or has it been removed?


9 hours ago

Thanks for reply Frostie, its a 64Gb card, never thought about the format, it's exFat at the moment, going to try reformat to Fat32 and try again. After attempted flash the bin file disapears from the card.

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