Oct 20, 2017

Latest Firmware


I installed the latest firmware yesterday & set the unit up for 10mins video loops

it failed on the first loop

I got home & reset the unit to 5mins & on the way into work today the red light was on constant.

I'm going to set it up to 3mins for the journey home tonight & report back


downloaded from

Oct 20, 2017

I was just going to download the latest firmware. I think I’ll hold off until you let us know how you get on with your commute home.

Oct 21, 2017



Any joy with the firmware?


i downloaded an update mid week (MP4 format), but that has now disappeared from the site and been replaced with the version you've tried.


i'm suffering from some journeys having unusable video (lots of vertical bars and unreadable image) whilst others are fine.

Oct 21, 2017

i set the unit to 5mins and just had a solid green light all the way home last night

i havent had a chance to look into it

if i get a chance tomorrow ill do some tests at home

Oct 21, 2017

I've found that if you connect to the C5 by wifi, that you have to power cycle (reboot) the C5 otherwise green light stays on all the time. I've taken to forgetting the C5 on my devices so they don't try to connect.


I thought I was buying a production product, but it feels like an early prototype.

Oct 22, 2017

so i reset the unit up have been running it static in my garage for the last two hours and everything ran fine

the setting are



and no audio

no g senor

and full hdp settings

i have work tomorrow so will see how it goes on my commute

Oct 23, 2017

todays report

I ran the unit for my daily commute & all was fine

I had the unit stop on me after 20mins but I don't think it was firmware related

I think it was the USB-C connection which has always been a bit temperamental

I just turned the unit off & back on and it ran fine for an hour


Oct 24, 2017

worked a treat last night & this morning that's roughly 3 hours use

as a comparison my drift ghost S failed tree times last night & twice this morning

both are mounted on my bike, I think the main issue with both cameras is the vibration the bike suffers from (Thanks BMW)


Oct 24, 2017

That’s good to hear. I left the previous firmware on and have just reviewed the video. Over half of the video files were corrupt (with either a blue or red screen). Anyway, I’ve now updated to the latest firmware and have formatted the memory card. I’m sticking with it at the moment, but there is still a way to go before it becomes the system I thought I was buying.

Oct 24, 2017


I can understand your frustration

the unit idea is great the same as the K1 but both have their failings

saying that they don't fail any more than a Drift or GoPro I know I've had most of the cameras on the market & test at least two at a time

the only difference is with a drift or GoPro they are simple to get running again

if like many the INNOVV systems are hidden away under a seat so you only know they have failed is when you want the video clips for a reason

Oct 24, 2017

Aye, the only reason I’m sticking with it is because I believe the issues are fixable. However, as you’ve pointed out it’s going to be a major disappointment when an incident occurs and there is no evidence (apart from a blank screen with time stamp displayed in the bottom right corner). Going by your latest results, I’m hopeful that things are on the up. Right then, I wonder how the sound interference issue is coming along.

Oct 24, 2017

i dont use sound

i cant see the need for it all you get is wind noise or at a standstill you get engine noise

that is unless you have an external mic which would be a chance as the unit will no longer be waterproof


Oct 24, 2017

Understood, I'm no great fan of wind noise either. I'm working on the premise that the Wi-Fi signal is the cause of the sound interference as well as the cause of the interference I'm getting on my helmet comms. I'm hoping that thread will provide results sometime soon.


I've reviewed the video recorded since the new firmware was loaded on my C5. All video was recorded as hoped (minus sound). So it's looking like a result.

Oct 26, 2017

Just to update. All video from my commute to/from work yesterday was red screen. This morning I disconnected the DVR power and will be removing the unit over the weekend. To say that I’m disappointed is something of an understatement.

Oct 30, 2017

Hi Dave, about red screen issue, have discussed with our guys, will keep you updated what is wrong.

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