Aug 9, 2017

Innovv C5 Google App English version ?


Edited: Aug 9, 2017

Hi, where can I get the Innovv C5 App in English.

The one available on Google Play Store seems to be not the right one.


Aug 11, 2017

The App has two versions, English & Chinese. If your mobile phone language is not Chinse, the App should be English, the App only can be Chinese if mobile phone language is Chinese.


What language your mobile phone set?

And I will review with App developer the same time.

Aug 11, 2017

Just checked with App developer, the default App language will be changed to be English. and you can redownload it one day later.


And you can follow up below to change language to English,


设置= 语言= English

Aug 11, 2017

Hello Rock Liu, my phone is actually in French version 5 (Sony Xperia XZ) and google app also in French, but when I check the app once installed this one is in Chinese.

Aug 11, 2017

Because the default language the developer set up is Chinese.


Will be changed to English today.

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