Sep 10, 2017

Files in Camera


Edited: Sep 10, 2017

Device powers and Wi-Fi connects without issue. Attempt to view files in camera and I get a blank screen. Despite rebooting phone and device, no change. I use a 128 GB SD card and Settings tells me I have 11 GB "Disk Remain." Clearly I have data on the SD card.


Earlier today I was able to access video files without issue. Why is this screen blank and what can I do to view the files?


Sep 11, 2017

1. SD card format,

If you are using 128GB SD card, please format it before the first recording by below way,

1). Format SD card from the setting on App.

2). Press red power button once to make it to solid red, and long press Green WiFi button for 8 seconds, you will see red power button flash once.


2. App storage Permission

Refer below, please allow C5 app can save recordings to your phone.



3. Download video clips to your mobile device.

1) Click video to download.




2) Refer below you can search and find INNOVV folder.




Sep 12, 2017

Thank you for the response, yet I am confused. Why would I need to reformat the SD card when I was able to view recorded images earlier in the day? I was able to view the folder on my iPhone and saw dozens of recorded files, which I enjoyed viewing the past several days. Suddenly all I get is the dark screen, showing no folders on the camera.


For reference, I rebooted phone and reset the DVR. Everything connects just fine. Tonight the Settings tell me I have 5.4 GB remaining on SD card. Still unable to view video files.


The images you posted of going through APP settings to store images on phone, that is from Android, yes? I am unable to find a similar setting on iOS APP. I do not have much storage space remaining on the phone, so not sure that's a long-term solution.


Any other ideas? Thank you.

Sep 12, 2017

Can you please re-install the App?

Dec 8, 2017

Finally responding with the fix. Despite my doubt, reformatting the SD card did the trick. No problems since. Reloading the app several times did not fix the problem.

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