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C5 Won't Record Continuously/Gaps Between


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I'm a new C5 owner. Haven't put it on my bike yet, just testing it. I'm powering it with a 12V bench supply so its getting the power it needs. I'm using Samsung 128GB EVO Select U3 (100MB/s read 90MB/sec write) card that was formatted in the C5 DVR. i set the Resolution to 720p/60 and the Loop Video to OFF and Time Lapse to OFF. What i have seen is that DVR creates files of varying (short) length .. a few seconds to 10's or 20 seconds, and each time it creates a new file there is a big time gap (~10 sec) between the end of the last file and the beginning of the next file. I was expecting the C5 to make a continuous recording for many hours. I thought when it had to close one file and open another it would have no gap in the captured video between files. Is the C5 capable of this level of performance?

Sorry for delayed reply.


For your case, you can do below check to verify what it is wrong.


Keep every settings to be default, and see if can record properly. If yes, that means SD card should be OK. If not, please change SD card to try.

Thank you. I disabled the G-Force sensor and I set the resolution to 1080p/30 and it seems to recording continuously as expected.

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