Jan 10

Automatic delete of old files


It was my understanding that using INNOVV C5 with no settings alteration, if the SD Card becomes full, the oldest files will be automatically deleted to make place for new files... This way I really don't need to check every time if the SD Card is full.

Am I misunderstanding this feature or I need special configuration/firmware?

Jan 14

Yes, it is loop recording mode, once SD card is full, the last video clip will replace the first one.


That is the basic function for dashcam, no need special settings/firmware.

Jan 14

Then. there is a problem with my INNOVV C5 as I got in this situation twice already. When I checked, I found that I got last days missing. If it worked as you stated, I should always have the last days recorded but not old once...

So what do I do? I am 100% this is the behaviour of my INNOVV C5 and from what you are stating it means it is DEFECTIVE!!


Jan 15

If you could not find some missing, let's check below,


1. if you stop by and checked App during the riding, and exited App without following up the procedure, that the C5 was not enabled to record. when access the setting on App, the C5 will not record. You need to click living recording before exit the app to be sure it is recording.


2. Check all folders in SD card and see if recordings in parking mode.


3. Change SD card to try.


The camera system had been tested 4 hours for start/stop 60 times to demonstrate it is reliable before shipping.


Keep updated and let us know the result.

Oct 8

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