Feb 24

A few usability ideas for the app

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Recently added a C5 to my ride and I'm loving it!


I wanted to share a few app ideas if I may...


1) I've placed the DVR underneath bodywork, so wondered if it was possible to get a 'live view' of the red and green buttons in the app. Would be a bit easier to see what is flashing and how often without having to lift the bodywork off to see the lights. Maybe a link to the very useful 'troubleshooting' table too to show what the flashing lights mean?


2) Playing / viewing a file: It would be great to see the name of the file that is being played / viewed. When searching through files to find the one I want to view, I struggle to remember what file I've just seen and what is next etc.


3) Playing / viewing a file: Could it be possible to have action options when playing a file, like Delete / Download / Play Next / Play Previous? That would save having to go back to the file list to do these actions (closely related to the above point).


4) List of files: Any chance of seeing the file length (or file size at least) somewhere in the list? Not a huge issue, but I sometimes get short 4 or 5 second clips when turning the ignition on / off and would love an easy way to get rid of these without going through the whole list.


5) List of files: Could there be a 'swipe left / swipe right' option to Delete files? This would certainly give a much quicker way of being able to quickly delete a bunch of files without too many clicks.


That's it for now.


Keep up the great work!

Mar 13

Thank you for input, that is great idea.


We will review with the guys and to do change accordingly. I am not sure if all can be changed, but should have some.


Sorry for delayed reply as the last two weeks, the forum has been fulfilled spamming posts.

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