Apr 26

INNOVV C5 Helmet Version

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Hi INNOVV, I had GoPro on my helmet, the heavy wind drag pulled my head back, I was fighting to keep the head down if the speed up 80kpm.

Other pain is the shortage of battery life, I am a long-distance motorcycle rider, 4 to 8 hours a day. 

I had installed the C5 on my motorcycle and see it has great potential to be a unique helmet camera, small lens size, light weight. Can you look into that? Thank you. Chisenhallw. 


Indeed we have INNOVV C3 worked as helmet before.




Now base on the need, we do upgrade the C5 to be helmet camera, too.



Apr 26

Old C3 mounted on the helmet few years before.


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  • Hi all I have been using the C5 with a SanDisk 64g class 10 SD card with the camera setting on 10 min loop, today I used it with loop turned off and my card is now un-formatable and my laptop tells me it's now corrupt. Anyone else had this happen, I called innovv when I got the camera and they told me the SanDisk card was fine to use with the C5.
  • After getting the new C5 i have to say it's a cracking piece of kit BUT i'm having trouble with the audio while i'm filming. The spoken work is nice and clear and crisp but i'm getting a lot of background noise that sounds like i'm in a fish bowl, i'm using the Innovv external mic and the DVR is in the inside pocket of my bike jacket, any hints or tips on how to cure this would be greatly appreciated.
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