Aug 9

Dashcam Viewer


Hi everyone is the dashcam viewer software to view files on a PC available from innovv website or do I need to purchase it. Can't seem to find it


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  • Hi, Last week we(in Europe) changed time to be one hour back(-1h), due to switching from summer to winter time. My C5 doesn't want to switch to correct time and stays one hour ahead. There is no way to change it through the app settings manually. C5 firmware and the App on the smartphone(iPhone 6) are both last versions. I leaved the Phone app connected through the WiFi to C5 permanently, everything works fine, phone has the right time, but C5 still works with timestamp 1 hour ahead. What to do to fix that?
  • ALCON, Any updates on the sound quality or linking an external mic to the K2?
  • I have a K2 system fitted on my bike. I went out this morning for a 2.30hr ride approx 8am until 1030 am. One stop on the way. Videos files between these times was all ok. Return trip 1700 - 1930 no stops I thought I would check that the unit would switch off after i turned the ignition off, after 10 mins the lights were still on and I had to manually turn it off. Yes all the wires are connected correctly. It wasnt until I checked the SD card on the laptop that i realised that the system froze soon after i started riding the bike on the way home as the only files recorded was between 1700 and 1718. This does not fill me with much confidence. Expecting the system to record whilst I am riding is essential and if It freezes without me knowing and an accident occurs what confidence can I have i have it on record. The unit is only 1 month old and has the latest firmware upgrade. ??? Any ideas why this should occur
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