Experience 6 European countries 

Jun.17, 2019


This time, we chose to experience the world in a different way.

Fufeng motorcycle tour - European station.


3900 kilometers, 20 days, 15 motorcycles.

Cross 6 countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland and communicate with 3 local motorcycle clubs.


The cities through which the journey will pass


Dressed in uniform and riding our beloved motorbikes, we were hurtling down the roads of Europe.


We rode motorcycles and relaxed in the fresh Finnish air.


The aroma wafts from the coffee shops on the elegant old Swedish streets.

We rode our motorbikes through Norwegian forests, winding through the snowy mountains.


For the fairy tale dream in the heart, we pass through the beautiful Denmark.


In Germany, we are surrounded by an atmosphere of openness and inclusion.

Even with adequate preparation, there are always various accidents on the road.

But it's these little incidents that make each trip so impressive.

On the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Hamburg, Germany, one of our brothers' harleys malfunctioned.

It would be very expensive to have the motorcycle towed to Hamburg by a tow truck for repairs.

With years of maintenance experience, our team leader opened the engine to find the parts that needed to be replaced, drove more than 100 kilometers back to Copenhagen to buy parts and repair the motorcycle.


Only our brothers understand the hardships of the journey.

Although the journey is long, but our hearts are closer and closer.


We had friendly exchanges with three different motorcycle clubs to learn from the management experience of European clubs.

We also exchanged team flags and gifts with them, and established a deep friendship with each other.


Norway Oslo Hydra club


Copenhagen HOG Harley club


Hamburg BMW motorcycle club

In the course of communicating with these clubs, we also made many new friends.

Although we didn't know each other, we were like family because of the motorcycle.


We were warmly received by a couple in Germany.


A guide, who had settled in Denmark, invited us to his home.


We were invited by our teammates who started their business in Poland.


Fufeng's trip to Europe has also attracted local media attention.

The main content: a motorcycle club from shenzhen, China, who set off on a European tour with a dream of traveling around the world.

The quiet town became lively with the arrival of these guests.


The riders, as brothers, overcome difficulties together on the road and spread eastern culture in the process of riding.


In spite of the differences between eastern and western cultures, the motorcycle is a medium through which we can understand and learn different cultures while also spreading our own culture.

This trip to Europe has been successfully finished.

The ride around the Baltic is coming soon...