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INNOVV K6 Dashcam System.jpg

Life is like a journey, and we are always on our way chasing dreams.

The INNOVV K6  bike/E-bike dashcam is designed to protect you from the front & rear while on the road.

~Highlights of INNOVV K6 Dash Cam - Front Camera~

~Highlights of INNOVV K6 Dash Cam - Rear Camera~

Front and rear camera.jpg

QHD 2K &1080P

Dual-Camera System 

The INNOVV K6 dashcam is with 2 cameras in the front and rear of the bike, the wide angle cameras help to capture most of the views during the trip.

Recording Time.jpg

Feature with a USB power interface, The INNOVV K6 will record continuous videos with a sufficient external power supply.

*Power bank is not included.

Continuous & Loop Recording By External Power Bank

External Power Supply.png
Easy and Use-Friendly INNOVV App.jpg

You can easily check, share, and download videos in INNOVV App on your mobile phone, what’ s more, you can do any adjustments in the App settings.

Easy and User-Friendly


RearMirror Funtion.jpg

Worrying about cars or trucks behind? Need to turn around to check again and again to be sure you are in a safe way? With the rear camera of K6, you can get live streaming on your phone, and you will be safe as it definitely works as a perfect rearview mirror.

Rearview Mirror Function

INNOVV K6 Dashcam.jpg

Durable Case &High Protection Degree 

High-end aluminum alloy cases and high protection degree offer a stable and excellent performance against harsh environments such as water, dust, or any temperatures from -30℃ to +70℃.

Waterproof bag.jpg

Put the power bank in the jacket? No, the waterproof storage bag will offer more. Fix the bag on the bike and put the power bank inside. You will not worry about anything and enjoy a nice trip even on rainy days.

*Inner dimension: 165 x 80 x 12mm

Delicate & Durable Waterproof Storage Bag (*Optional)

User-Friendly Camera Ensuring Hassle-Free Experience.jpg

The K6 Dual-Camera offers a more convenient operation, press the button on the DVR and it will start to record in both front and rear camera.

User-Friendly Camera

Ensuring Hassle-Free Experience

Compact Design and Easy Installation.jpg

With a small size, elegant design, and high end aluminum alloy case, the K6 is exquisite, compact and durable, enhancing your fantastic experience with easy and time-saving installation.

Compact Design and

Easy Installation

Product Overview.jpg

Product Overview



  • What SD card to choice?
    Please purchase the branded SD card from reputable reseller. The brands like Samsung, Sandisk has too many fake SD cards. The resellers like INNOVV dealers, Samsung Amazon Store or trusted resellers. The size of SD card can be 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. The speed of SD card is more than Class 10, U1, U2, U3. Click below link to get more knowledge about SD card.
  • What time can SD card record?
    256GB 19hours 128GB 10hours 64GB 5hours 32GB 2.5hours
  • Do I need to format SD card when first time to use it?
    No, You do not need it. But you need to format SD card in DVR via App before firmware upate.
  • Is pin side up to insert SD card to DVR?
    Yes, You are right.
  • 11. How to update firmware?
    Please refer to:
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