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Motorcycle is a lifestyle, once we get into it, we will be hard to go back. We as motorcycle riders if are aware of the reasons of motorcycle accidents, we can protect ourselves and have enjoyment on the way.

Below are the five most common causes of motorcycle accidents, those we can pay attention and avoid.


1. Don’t been seen and got hit.

Vehicles simply fail to see or detect oncoming motorcycles in traffic, like

  • Vehicles Making Left-Hand Turns.

  • Blind spot collisions happen are while overtaking or at junctures.

  • Overtaking another vehicle.


2. Motorcycle lane splitting.

  • The close proximity of the cars to the motorcycle.

  • The reduced space the motorcycle has to maneuver.

  • The fact that the cars don't anticipate that any vehicle or motorcycle will be passing them in slowed or stopped traffic.

3. Unexpected road hazards. 

Potholes, animals, slick pavement conditions, uneven heights between lanes, other irregularities or unexpected objects in the road.

4. Over speed.

Speed kills, riding above the speed limit is an easy way to cause accident. The faster we ride, the less reaction time we will have.

5. Lack of training, experience.

Learning to ride a bike is essential, training is to help you develop the skills required to become a safe and competent rider.

Inexperienced riders were also more likely to do something that caused the accident, you are in more danger on a bike that is new to you.

The key to riding safely is keeping things smooth. Never stop learning, and every ride is an opportunity to refine and develop our skills.

Ride safe, Ride smart,

Have fun and enjoy riding.

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